More Signal, Less Noise

This is not so much a post as it is a promotional announcement, tipping you to the stuff of mine that has appeared recently at If you like the usual crap at this blog, you may also enjoy:

—The bottom five positions on the Billboard 200 album chart dated June 1, 1985, in which Linda Ronstadt reinvents herself again and Bruce Springsteen sweeps all before him.

—The story of a major rock figure who’s been in jail the last 28 years, and all the famous folks he played with.

—The most mind-blowing Roy Orbison single, which hit Number One 50 years ago this week.

—A tribute to stereo geeks, those guys who loved their equipment more than the music they played on it, including a 1984 TV report on the hottest new technology of the day, the compact disc.

—Five things about the late Gil Scott-Heron.

The next post at this blog, and the last one for this week, is scheduled for tomorrow. Meanwhile, radio geeks can conjure with this: a TV clip from February 14, 1972, featuring the jocks from WLS in Chicago, including Larry Lujack, Fred Winston, and John Landecker. Were it not for these guys, I would never have ended up on the radio.


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