Out of My Mind, Back Soon

No time for a full post today—and in fact, posts are liable to be somewhat scarce here this week owing to other commitments—but I think you might be interested in this story from Salon about the music doctors listen to while they are working on patients in the operating room. I had a medical procedure a couple of weeks ago myself, and when they wheeled me in to the room where they were going to do it, the nurses were listening to one of the stations I work for, Magic 98. Better that than death metal, Christian rock, or Rush Limbaugh, for damn sure.

Also worth a look: via my friend Pat, who put it up on Facebook, this article about the glory days and the demise of the in-car tape deck.

I’ll have Rock Flashback posts up every day this week at WNEW.com, so if you are jonesing for my Green County shitkicker routine, head over there. If you’d like to hear it on the radio, I’m doing the afternoon show on Q106.3 every day this week from 3 to 7 US Central. Along the way, I’ll be updating Twitter and Facebook regularly, because that’s what we do in the 21st century.

(I have been meaning to mention this: I am happy to accept Facebook friend requests from people who read this blog and don’t know me in the real world. But in your friend request, please tell me that you’re a blog reader. Otherwise it’s unlikely that I will friend you back.)

Also: I got me some new Whitburn books, so you can expect a blizzard of chart-related posts in the near future, provided I find the time to write them.

We will return you to your regularly scheduled week of activities after a word from our sponsor.


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