One Day in Your Life: February 18, 1979

February 18, 1979, is a Sunday. The top headline on the Sunday newspapers is China’s military invasion of Vietnam. Americans are concerned about rising gasoline prices, which have reached 70 cents a gallon in the Midwest. Also in the Midwest, a major snowstorm strikes, taking aim at the East Coast, where it will drop 18 inches of snow. Snow is also recorded in the Sahara Desert, in southern Algeria, for the first time in history. Over eight inches of rain falls in Greenville, South Carolina. The all-time low temperature record is tied in New York State, when a reading of 52 below is recorded at Old Forge in Herkimer County. President and Mrs. Carter spend the weekend at Camp David, although they zip back to Andrews Air Force Base at midday for a ceremony marking the return of the remains of Ambassador to Afghanistan Adolph Dubs, who was killed in a firefight after being kidnapped last week. Following their return to Camp David in the afternoon, the Carters go cross-country skiing with family and friends. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper runs a feature story about the history of Coca Cola and illustrates it with a photo of the handwritten original recipe for Coke, thus revealing the drink’s secret formula, but nobody notices until 2011.

The Daytona 500 is broadcast live in its entirety for the first time. Richard Petty wins after a last-lap crash involving Cale Yarborough and  Donnie Allison, who are battling for the lead. Yarborough and Allison get into a fistfight on the track after the crash. Amy Alcott wins the LPGA Elizabeth Arden Golf Classic. On ABC, the first episode of Roots: The Next Generations airs. Other shows on TV tonight include Battlestar Galactica and All in the Family. On the radio, The Dr. Demento Show, heard around the country this weekend, features an interview with voiceover artist Mel Blanc; “Fish Heads” by Barnes and Barnes, who also guest on the show, tops the weekly Funny Five countdown.

The Jacksons’ Destiny Tour plays Manchester, England, the Outlaws play New York City, New Riders of the Purple Sage play Rutgers University, Status Quo plays Zwolle in the Netherlands, Frank Zappa plays Hammersmith Odeon in London, and Frank Sinatra plays Chicago. Rod Stewart tops the Cash Box magazine singles chart for the third week with “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy.” (Stewart’s album Blondes Have More Fun holds at Number One on the Billboard 200 album chart.) Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” blasts from 16 to 5, a move matched within the Top 40 by the Bee Gees’ “Tragedy,” which leaps from 32 to 21 in only its second week in the Top 100. The highest debuting song within the Top 40 is “Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits. Other hot new hits include “Big Shot” by Billy Joel, “Precious Love” by Bob Welch, Cher’s “Take Me Home,” and “I’ll Supply the Love” by Toto.

In Wisconsin, a college-radio DJ spends the weekend back home with the family. He’ll return to school that night, weather permitting, to a single room in the dorm, a luxury made possible when his roommate decided to quit school after one semester. He hates living in the dorm, but he loves radio, and that’s what he’s there for.


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  1. Nice. I’ve still never forgiven Rod for that piece of crap. This boy gets a job doing middays at WXLP 97X in the Quad Cities the next day two days after my 23rd birthday. I’ll move to mornings in the summer and then to KC in the fall. 79 was a real good year. Thanks for these they are a nice break from work.

  2. As you can probably guess, I love these entries too.

    Another small historical note: Keith and Donna Godchaux’s last show with the Grateful Dead was the night before, though I don’t know if they had formally quit as of Feb. 18.

    I like “Precious Love,” even though there’s really not much to it.

  3. I just heard the a story on the Coke Cola receipe on This American Life podcast.

  4. I just heard about the story on the Coke Cola receipe on This American Life podcast.

  5. I hated “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” when it came out (I was in college), but I admit it’s grown on me over the years. Damned catchy. In fact, I like the disco hits of 1975-80 much more now than I did in those college years. It was easy then to fall into the “I hate disco” attitude, but over the decades I’ve come to appreciate how finely crafted so many of those records were. As for Rod, well, his early ’70s Mercury period is still the highlight of his career to my ears, but his later material isn’t too bad, either.

    1. Dare I say, Steve, disco is underrated. Talk about well-crafted songs: Jim mentions “I Will Survive,” which was very well done for what was meant to be the B-side!

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