Double the Stars

We’ve all heard the statement that if you were to set an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters, they would eventually generate the works of Shakespeare by hammering away at random. I was monkeying around the other day composing a post for—spent about an hour thinking up the idea, conceptualizing how it would work, doing the research, and writing the thing. After I finished it, I clicked over to the site and discovered there, newly posted by my colleague Fusion 45, a post on precisely the same topic. We had arrived at the same idea and executed it in almost exactly the same way, on the same day.

(For our next trick, we have decided to collaborate on a volume of Shakespeare.)

This is why it’s good to have two blogs. What follows on the flip is the post I wrote. Enjoy.

A couple of years ago, The Mrs. and I were walking Midwestern clichés on our first visit to Los Angeles. We had 24 hours to spend, and that meant the Sunset Strip, the Hollywood sign, and Hollywood Boulevard, which also meant several blocks of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

About 2,400 stars line the walk in five categories: movies, TV, recording, radio, and theater. Some performers, famed in more than one medium, get more than one star. Anyone active in the field of entertainment can be nominated, as long as they have at least five years’ experience in their field and a record of charitable contributions of some sort. (Would bloggers count?). Those selected have to pony up $30,000 to pay for the star, the cost of the installation, and expenses surrounding the unveiling ceremony. (So it doesn’t matter if bloggers count—none of us could afford it.)

Of all the stars on the walk, about 17 percent are devoted to recording stars. Here’s a list of five unlikely recipients of Walk of Fame stars:

–The Steve Miller Band. Really?

–John Fogerty. Enshrined without his bandmates from Creedence Clearwater Revival. The rift continues.

–KC and the Sunshine Band. Really?

–Mötley Crüe. Well, if KC and the Sunshine Band gets one . . .

–Crosby Stills & Nash. Could have paid $7500 a man instead of 10 large if Neil Young had chipped in.

And here are five more who don’t have one:

–Mick Jagger. I bet he’d like one. The Rolling Stones don’t have one, either. I bet Keef doesn’t care one way or the other.

–John Denver. Declined the honor, reportedly because he did not want to attend the unveiling ceremony, which is required.

–Bruce Springsteen. Even after he won an Oscar?

–Madonna. Really?

–Coldplay. When they eventually get one, the ceremony will be thoroughly professional and eminently tasteful, but will leave people wondering why they didn’t like it better.

Find the whole list of those honored with stars here.

Read Fusion 45’s take on the Hollywood Walk of Fame here.


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  1. Well, Steve Miller should get one just for rhyming “Abracadabra” and “reach out and grab ya.” In fact, I’m sure that’s what put him over the top.

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