Out of My Mind, Back Soon

It had to happen, I suppose. I write a post praising XM Radio’s Deep Tracks channel and almost instantly I find out that many longtime and former XM subscribers think that channel (and XM in general) is not nearly as good as it used to be before the merger with Sirius. (I concur on some of this, actually—the XM classic jazz and blues channels are not nearly as good as their Sirius equivalents. ) Beauty, beholder, yada yada yada—and a reminder that every era is eventually going to seem like the good old days to somebody.

On to the business of the day: In my other life (as distinct from the ones lived in this blog and on the radio), I’m a freelance writer, and right now I’m a freelance writer on a deadline, which leaves me less time to fool around here. I hope to pull something together over the weekend to appear here Monday. To get you there, and maybe beyond there if need be, here are a few things worth reading at sites worth checking out in detail.

30 Days Out has some suggestions for future Super Bowl halftime shows. All of them should happen, but only one of them has a realistic chance—because there’s no more natural venue for that band than the overblown spectacle that is the Super Bowl.

Songs of the Cholera King talks about unusual associations evoked by pop songs. We may never know why certain songs strike us as they do, and we can’t always figure out why they stay with us—but that’s part of the fascination of listening.

I’ve recently started reading The Love Hate Society regularly, and you should too. The top post over there today is about songs that didn’t win the Best Song Oscar, compared to the crap that did.

If you are on Twitter, you should start following Richard Metzger, who is forever posting fascinating links to Dangerous Minds—or just hie thyself over to Dangerous Minds on a regular basis, however you choose to get there. Start with this oddball 1967 clip from I Dream of Jeannie starring Boyce and Hart—and Phil Spector.

That’s all I’ve got, and all I’ve got time for. Now, a word from our sponsor:

There’s more about the game here, and more along the lines of that video here—more than enough to entertain you for as long as necessary.


2 responses

  1. Your radio station should give you a cut of anything they are selling for the online stream, as I’ve had it on many Saturdays this month only because I try to keep up with your blog. What in the world is that version of “Evil Woman” that just played. It’s had the piano versus vocal start, just like the single, but the vocal take seemed entirely different. Sign me “curious in Indiana.” P.S Any way you can cover those on-air commercial breaks with another 70’s song, rather than the same liners again and again? (Listeners: always complaining lol.)

  2. J.B. – Thanks so much for the link and praise!

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